Second Training course for the sector scaffolding works started

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CSO Ohrid has organized the second training course in the sector scaffolding works with a new trainee group from October 22nd through November 2nd 2018. The training course has been lead by a trainer authorized by the future employer. This time only the practical part of the course was taught, e.g. the installation and removal of scaffoldings were practiced in the training facility of CSO Ohrid. 10 candidates applied, 3 were rejected during the training course and the others have successfully finished the first stage of the course. The next step is a 3 month German language course after which the candidates will have to achieve the A1 level. At the same time all requested documents for the work visa have to be gathered and the candidates are applying for an appointment electronically in order to follow up on the visa application process. The candidates are expected to start at their new workplaces in spring 2019.

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