What makes Pella so special in the view of the other personal leasing agencies?
Firstly, the candidates pay no leasing provision, all trainings are free of charge, the accommodation for those candidates, who are not living in Ohrid, is also provided by the agency Pella. The safety of the candidates is very important to the agency Pella, that is why each candidate is equipped with a full set of personal safety equipment (helmets, protective gloves, protective shoes, weatherproof jackets and  tension belts for the works on high elevations).
How large will be my salary?
How will be the accommodation organized in Germany?
Will I be insured in Germany?
When may I use my first vacation as a new employee in Germany?
Will the transport cost to the workplace be paid?
Do I have the right on Christmas allowance?
How much is the rent for an apartment per square meter?
How much is the price for power and water?
What about the approx. consumption for groceries a.o. in Germany?
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