About us

The agency PELLA is active in the sector of personnel Leasing, which offers employment in Germany to the professional Workers and medical personnel from Macedonia and other third countries. The rising needs at the German labour market in the building and medicinal sector, the experience as well as the professionalism of our team lead to the connection of these  elements and resulted in the formation of our agency.

Pella is one of the few mediation agencies in Macedonia, which operates according to a licence, issued by the ministry for labour and social politics of the Republic of Macedonia. Pella is being managed by a professional team who has experience in several projects with German companies.



Agency Pella works in coordination with the centre for technical education “CSO”, which is responsible for the theoretical education and practical training according German standards. Mr. Dietrich Plefka is the founder of several companies, among others also the founder of the company CSO and the co-founder of the agency Pella. He originates from the region of Fulda in Germany and this lead to the cooperation with one of the largest company groups of this region, which are the future employers of the selected candidates.

Our team

Izabela Malik
phone: +389 46 263 160

Riste Kitanoski
phone: +389 70 352 824

Irfan Malik
phone: +389 76 795 413

Boban Gjerasimoski
phone: +389 76 494 159

Dietrich Plefka

Claudia Plefka

registered candidates
candidates attend the training
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What the candidates say about us?

I have heard from a friend about the agency PELLA and after my first call I immediately received an appointment for a personal meeting. The team was very professional from the very beginning and they helped me with completing my CV for the job search in Germany. After approx. 10 days I received a call from the agency and they told me that I was selected for the first group for scaffolding works. What has been promised, has come true and I am very satisfied with the organisation of the agency Pella.

Thanks to the agency PELLA that I was selected for this project, I am among the few lucky ones who already signed the work contract with the German employer. Bravo, keep on like this!

As many Macedonians I also was a sceptic and I did not believe in mediation agencies with high commission rates and empty promises. But, the agency PELLA has never asked about even a dime for the trainings nor for their commission. I already signed the contract and I am leaving for Germany.

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