Employment of diverse craftsmen for German companies, Job Openings in the medical sector!

Drywall builders, painters, bricklayers, carpenters, electricians, workers for floor coatings, tile settlers, truck and bus drivers as well as medical personnel are needed in Germany.

Free training

Free training

The candidates pay no leasing provision, all trainings are free of charge



The accommodation during the training is provided by Pella



The safety equipment of candidates during the training is provided by Pella

About us

The agency PELLA is active in the sector of personnel Leasing, which offers employment in Germany to the professional Workers and medical personnel from Macedonia and other third countries. The rising needs at the German labour market in the building and medicinal sector, the experience as well as the professionalism of our team lead to the connection of these  elements and resulted in the formation of our agency.

Why choose us?


Professional team

The agency Pella has a team of experienced professionals with experience in the field of employment mediation in different sectors.

Possibility for free trainings

Currently, the agency Pella in cooperation with the Centre for technical education and training performs the selection and the training of candidates for work in several sectors. At this moment the trainings for scaffolding works, industrial floorings, removal of no longer permitted by law materials and installation of construction elements are being organized in our facilities and are lead by professional trainers from Germany.

Employment in germany

In the past, the agency Pella has realized a large number of employments in varying sectors of established German companies.

A large number of satisfied customers

The candidates pay no leasing provision, all trainings are free, the hourly wage in all sectors is according the German legal frames.


This program has been developed especially for all new employees, in order to help them within their new surroundings. During the training we provide you with information about the life, culture and bureaucracy procedures in Germany. After you have arrived in Germany, we will support you in cooperation with your new employer, with accommodation, information on the nearest supermarkets, malls, bus stops, taxi stands, etc.

latest news


Two new training classes established

On February 13, 2018 Pella formed new training classes for the sectors extraction of construction materials which are no longer permitted by law and the sector of installation of doors and windows. The candidates are currently learning the German language at the premises of CSO.


A new training class for the installation of industrial floorings and concrete repairs formed

Upon a large demand, the agency Pella formed the new training class for installation of industrial floorings and concrete repairs.

9 out of 17 candidates signed the contracts after successfully completing the theoretical and practical trainings.


The training classes for scaffolding installation and dismantling started

The first training class (installation and dismantling of scaffolding) started their training on December 4, 2017 and after successfully completing it, 13 out of 22 candidates signed the contracts with the German employer.
The second training class for scaffolding starts in April 2018.

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